Student Travel Discounts

All 16-17-year-olds are able to apply for a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard in order to receive discounted or free travel on many Transport for London services. However, older students living within a London borough will also be eligible to receive 30% discount on travel with TfL via the 18+ Student Oyster card. As MPCT is registered with the scheme, all our qualifying London-based learners can apply for this, including students attending college outside Greater London but who live in a London borough during term time and travel regularly.

Who is eligible?

  • You’re 18 or over
  • Live in a London borough during term time
  • Enrolled at a school, college or university registered on the TfL scheme – MPCT is one of these organisations.

How can I apply?

Once you are enrolled at your MPCT college, you can apply online through TfL by clicking here. Further details of the scheme are also available at the Tfl website: Transport for London – Free and discounted travel

To complete your application you will need the following:

  • A colour, digital photo to upload
  • Your Enrolment Number from your education establishment
  • Your course start and end dates
  • A credit or debit card to pay the £20.00 fee
  • An active email address