Senior Leadership Team Awards 2018

The Senior Leadership Team Awards are put in place to congratulate and honour the outstanding staff that work for MPCT. They are the perfect way to end the year and provide memorable and meaningful moments. MPCT’s chief executive officer, Huw Lewis MBE expressed the SLT’s to MPCT Staff as the following;

For me, it is extremely important to celebrate the success of all our teams. My belief is that MPCT staff members work extremely hard to ensure that our Learners receive the very best in teaching and learning. The job can often be challenging, tiring and demanding. Despite this, the job is also extremely impactful and rewarding. Our unique learning style, development and investment in individuals has resulted in outstanding performance across all areas. With continued commitment to excellence will we not only uphold the standards but develop even further as individuals and as an organisation. Therefore, please accept the dinner and these awards as my personal way of thanking you on behalf of the SLT for making MPCT an extraordinary place to work. I hope you enjoy the evening and I wish you the very best of luck with the individual awards.

Please find below each of our regionalised Awards where you will find all the nominations for the awards, winners and more.