Latest CEO update on our response to the Coronavirus emergency

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Dear Parents/Carers,

I feel that it is important to update you on the current Covid-19 Pandemic. As I am sure you are aware, we have been directed by the Government to move from direct face-to-face teaching to synchronised and asynchronized online learning. Your son or daughter will be fully aware of the process and the expectations.

If you have any questions regarding the online learning process please contact our Learner Support Team for assistance on Tel. 0330 1113939 or via email:, who will endeavour to help you and talk you through the process.

Learners who feel the need to attend the College for additional support will be able to do so on a limited basis. Learners who do attend College must apply the appropriate Covid-19 Protocols, including social distancing and face coverings.

Teaching will commence from the 11th of January 2021 and we will maintain a constant review of the situation. However; it is envisaged that there will be no change until the 1st of March 2021.

The College will remain open for all new applications to commence and engage with the programme and we will ensure that their ambition to join the College is not impeded.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your support in ensuring that your son or daughter has the opportunity to commence with their teaching and learning through this challenging time, and I look forward to a period when we can return to normal direct face-to-face delivery.

Kind regards,

Huw Lewis MBE
MPCT Chief Executive Officer

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