Parent Views


Working in partnership with parents is of paramount importance to us here at The Military Preparation College. We believe that working closely with parents, helps us deliver the best possible outcomes for all our learners as we aim to ensure that all our learners become successful students, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

This section of the website has been set up to share

  • parent feedback
  • parent comments
  • parent suggestions
  • findings from parental surveys

You will find this information further down the page.

Feedback from parents is really important to us, it enables us to identify possible ways to keep improving as we strive to ‘be the best we can be for the benefit of our Learners.’ There are many opportunities for parents to provide us with feedback, comments and suggestions:

  • We carry out a parent survey quarterly
  • We ask for written feedback following every parent open session.
  • On every newsletter there is a section asking for feedback that can be returned by following the link.
  • Alternatively parents can e-mail directly.

When there are individual concerns, we will contact you directly to discuss them further. When more general feedback or suggestions are received on possible improvements, we aim to share this with parents through either newsletters or our ‘You said, we did’ updates.


Parent’s Views of our colleges

The feedback and comments from our quarterly parent survey and open sessions for parents are overwhelming positive about many different aspects of our colleges. From the college ethos to the instructors and staff, it is always lovely to hear about what you feel we are doing well and what you feel the strengths of the colleges are. Here are some examples of comments made by parents about our colleges